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Football Manager 2015 Full Version Free Download – Merupakan game bergenre simulator mengelola sebuah club sepak bola dimana kalian harus mampu memenangkan liga serta cup yang ada dalam game ini, untuk sebelumnya kita sudah membagikan link download game simulator juga yaitu Football Manager 2016 PC Download.

We have an entire selection of online football games for free, just waiting for someone to lace up their boots and get kicking! Whether you love to slip past defenders like a bar of soap or “laser” the ball in from the penalty spot, we have tons of titles designed to bring you the most exciting parts of the sport. Controls which are simple and intuitive. Real games with a lot of information. Pro Evolution Soccer (PES) 2016 is the new installment of one of the most well-known football games. If you have already played this game or if you want to start playing it, this new installmant has much more to offer you. Laptop Games Free Download. You are not a computer geek or a pro gamer, but you prefer to work comfortably on your laptop or desktop computer. Then most likely you have a computer configuration that will work for running these games. Obviously, we cannot forget about the introduction of new players. We can also hope for new players ratings and new overalls. The growth potential and the young stars have also been updated. All these things make the game much more interesting, so do not wait any longer and play the game thanks to FIFA 21 download free installing device!

Download Football Manager 2015 PC, The game offers a variety of new features such as being the first game of the franchise to include Twitch integration so people can stream their game online. There has been an overhaul in the match engine, adding 2000 new animations into the game, improved ball physics and improved shots, passes, long balls etc.The player models have also been updated adding new realism into the game along with a brand new lighting model.
There was a complete redesign of the game’s interface, introducing a new sidebar giving a new look on Football Manager 2015.
Also a big addition this year was introducing manager styles. It is now possible to choose between being a “Tracksuit” manager or a “Tactical” manager.

Screenshot :

Link Download :

  • Football Manager 2015 Full Version Free Download
  • Size : 1.7GB
  • Status : Tested (Windows 7)

System Requirements :

  • OS: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8
  • Processor: Intel Pentium 4, Intel Core, AMD Athlon – XP: 1.6GHz+ V/7/8: 2.2GHz+
  • Memory: 1 GB RAM
  • Graphics: NVidia GeForce FX 5900 Ultra, ATI Radeon 9800, Intel GMA X3100 – 128MB VRAM
  • DirectX: Version 9.0c
  • Hard Drive: 3 GB available space

Cara Install Football Manager 2015 PC :

  1. Download file dari link diatas
  2. Mount file ISO dengan Daemon Tools
  3. Jalankan setupnya
  4. Tunggu proses Install sampai selesai
  5. Copy semua file dari folder CRACK ke folder Installan
  6. Jalankan gamenya
  7. Selamat bermain Football Manager 2015 PC !!!

Football Manager 2015 Full Version Free Download

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While most sports games end up being worthless, NCAA Football 14 is the exception to that rule. The reason for that is this currently is the last officially licensed NCAA Football game. there were a lot of legal issues and EA ended up killing the franchise. As a result, this is one of, if not THE most sought-after sports game by collectors.

Modes For Days

Real football 2015 game download

One of the criticisms that people will throw the way of NCAA Football 14 is that it is lacking in game modes compared to what that same years Madden offered. I get what people are saying, but I feel that there are more than enough game modes to keep you busy and happy while you are playing this.

Ultimate Team

EA went all-in with their Ultimate Team mode in all of their sports games and this one was no different. However, I actually feel that the Ultimate Team mode on offer here was a great deal of fun. You basically have to create your own dream school via different cards. You get cards for players, coaching, stadium, and so on and it is very addictive. As EA could not use current players, they use players of the past and it is a lot of fun. Had EA made a sequel to this I would have been very interested to see what else they would have added to Ultimate Team mode.

Hey, Want To Join My Team?

What I have always enjoyed in my football games and NCAA Football 14 is no different is the Dynasty Mode. I feel that this is the pinnacle of the Dynasty Mode in the NCAA series from EA and the reason for that is the way recruiting is now handled. It has so much more depth this time around. You have many different factors that can add up to if a player sees your school as a place they want to go. It may seem a bit daunting at first, but it actually works very well and I found this to be one of the most addictive parts of the whole game.

Football Game Download 2015

More Control On The Field!

If you look back at reviews that were printed at the time this game was released, many were way too harsh. Saying that EA did not do enough to the engine, but EA did actually tweak a few things under the hood of what this game offered. The total control passing of the quarterback is awesome and makes you feel like an absolute star when you nail a pass just right. It also gives you more options for making quick decisions which is something I liked.

You also have far more control of running and when it comes to defending, your linemen feel like they act more naturally and athletically than they have in the past. EA even added in a simple “one-button” approach to things that were there to make this game more accessible for people new to the franchise.

I know that most people will look at NCAA Football 14 as just another sports game, but I feel the history behind this is very interesting. The fact that it can go for well over 100 bucks tells you that people love their college football. I think that EA was on the right track with this and the few changes they did make to things make this an overall better game than we got the previous year and I for one would have been very interested to see what they would have done with a sequel.


  • This is the most sought-after sports game out there!
  • The Ultimate Team mode is great
  • I love the recruiting aspect in Dynasty Mode
  • You feel like you have way more control over your players

We 2015 Football Game Download Full


  • The game is very hard to come by now
  • It sucks that EA could not use real player names

We 2015 Football Game Download Free

Overall rating: 8.5