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Gta San Andreas Cheats Game Download; Cheats Codes For GTA San Andreas – PC, PlayStation And Xbox. July 10, 2020 16 Min Read 60FPS:- All the cheat codes mentioned below can be used for all the PlayStation versions eg:- PS2,PS3,PS4,PS5,PC & Xbox 360, Xbox One machine just directly type the code for need and enjoy the special features in the game like.

  • Here are all the cheats for san andreas on ps2. Download a vice city cheat codes (pdf). Gta san andreas pc cheats mobile wallpapers. Gta vice city san andreas cheats codes pdf. Download a san andreas cheat code pdf file from the above download link. Grand theft auto - vice city cheats, codes, cheat codes, hints, games.
  • Let us tell you how to enter cheats in your GTA San Andreas for Android while we list all the existing tricks to enjoy Rockstar Games' game to the fullest Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, like every game in the GTA saga, has tricks that make it easier to get weapons, cars, money, and more in the game.
  • GTA San Andreas PC Cheats: PDF download link for PC cheat codes A variety of action-adventure games are present on the Internet which can capture the eyes of all the people present around the world. One such game is Gta San Andreas which provides thousands of user-generated games that can be enjoyed on cross-platform multiplayer gaming.

Find all our Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Game Shark Codes for PlayStation 2. Plus great forums, game help and a special question and answer system. GTA San Andreas is an amazing game which one developers Rockstar North released October 26, 2004 on PlayStation 2.San Andreas is a fifth game in the series of the games Grand Theft Auto.In eight months 7 June 2005 GTA San Andreas was released on PC. The gameplay captivates with its almost limitless possibilities since the first minute. Download GTA San Andreas Cheat Codes as PDF. Download link is 100% safe and free! There are 63 cheats. And unnecessary cheats have been omitted. Many of these cheats are similar to the original releases of San Andreas, but some cheats were accidentally re-enabled and are new for the HD versions of the game developed by War Drum Studios. These cheats have been marked accordingly.

Secrets and codes for the game Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, giving money, weapons, cars and much more

How to enter codes in GTA San Andreas

Cheat codes in San Andreas (Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas) on the computer can be entered directly during the game, you do not need to open the console or press any additional buttons. Just type your chosen code on the keyboard. The game can be paused using the “Esc” button, and then in the menu, you can calmly type the necessary commands.

Please note: Using some codes does not affect the progress of the game by 100%, but may reduce your crime rating.

All cheat codes for GTA San Andreas

Codes for weapons in GTA San Andreas

  • LXGIWYL – set of weapons # 1 (brass knuckles, bat, 9mm pistol, shotgun, micro SMG submachine gun, AK-47 assault rifle, rifle, rocket launcher, Molotov cocktail, paint can)
  • KJKSZPJ– weapon set # 2 (knife, Desert Eagle pistol, sawed -off shotgun, Tec-9 submachine gun, M4 machine gun, sniper rifle, fire extinguisher, flamethrower, grenades)
  • UZUMYMW – a set of weapons # 3 (chainsaw, pistol with a silencer, combat shotgun, MP5 assault rifle, M4 assault rifle, Stinger rocket launcher, explosives with a detonator)
  • WANRLTW– Infinite Bullets, No Reload
  • AIYPWZQP – Get a parachute
  • NCSGDAG – Hitman in all weapon parameters

Health and immortality codes

  • HESOYAM – health, armor, $ 250,000
  • BAGUVIX – Infinite Health

Cheat code for money

  • HESOYAM – health, armor, $ 250,000

Codes for cars

  • AIWPRTON – Get a Tank (Rhino)
  • AKJJYGLC – Get ATV (Quad)
  • KGGGDKP – Get Small Air Cushion (Vortex overcraft)
  • AMOMHRER – Get Fuel Trailer (Tanker Truck)
  • EEGCYXT – Get Dozer
  • AGBDLCID – Get Big Jeep (Monster)
  • CQZIJMB– Get Old Race Car (Bloodring Banger)
  • JQNTDMH – Get Small Jeep (Rancher)
  • PDNEJOH – Get Racecar 1
  • VPJTQWV– Get Racecar 2
  • AQTBCODX – Get the Coffin Truck (Romero)
  • KRIJEBR – Get Limousine (Stretch)
  • UBHYZHQ – Get Garbage Truck (Trashmaster)
  • RZHSUEW – Get Golf Caddy

Airplane codes

  • OHDUDE – Get a Military Helicopter (Hunter)
  • JUMPJET – Get Fighter (Hydra)
  • URKQSRK – Get Stunt Plane

Codes for special equipment

  • JUMPJET – Get Hydra
  • KGGGDKP – Get Vortex Hovercraft
  • YECGAA – Get Jetpack

Police wanted level codes

  • OSRBLHH – Increase Your Crime Level by 2 Stars
  • ASNAEB – Clear Your Crime Level
  • AEZAKMI – you are never wanted
  • LJSPQK – Your Crime Level is 6 Stars

Passer-by behavior codes

  • IOJUFZN – riot mode
  • PRIEBJ – theme – madhouse
  • ASBHGRB – Elvis are everywhere
  • BGLUAWML – pedestrians attack each other with rocket launchers
  • CIKGCGX – Beach Party
  • MROEMZH – gang members are everywhere
  • BIFBUZZ – gang members control the street
  • AFPHULTL – Ninja theme
  • BEKKNQV – a magnet for girls
  • FOOOXFT – everyone has a weapon
  • AJLOJYQY – pedestrians hitting each other
  • BAGOWPG – heaven above your head

Codes for changing city transport and traffic

  • YLTEICZ – aggressive drivers
  • CPKTNWT– Blow Up All Cars
  • XICWMD– invisible machine
  • PGGOMOY – perfect control
  • SZCMAWO – Suicide
  • ZEIIVG – all traffic lights are green
  • BGKGTJH – only cheap cars drive through the streets
  • GUSNHDE – only expensive cars drive on the streets
  • RIPAZHA – cars fly
  • JHJOECW – the big bunny jump
  • LLQPFBN – pink cars
  • IOWDLAC – black cars
  • AFSNMSMW – flying boats
  • JCNRUAD – Explosion (Smash n ‘Boom)
  • COXEFGU – all cars have nitro boosters
  • BSXSGGC – cars fly off when hit
  • VQIMAHA – all the parameters of your car to the maximum
  • VKYPQCF – all taxis have nitro
  • BMTPWHR – rural cars and pedestrians
  • MUNASEF – mode – adrenaline
  • OUIQDMW – full ammunition while driving
  • THGLOJ – reduced traffic on the streets
  • FVTMNBZ – only rural cars drive around the city

Codes for the characteristics of the hero

Gta San Andreas Game Cheat Codes Free Download

  • BTCDBCB – Fat Man
  • JYSDSOD – quality
  • KVGYZQK – thin
  • ZSOXFSQRecruit Someone (Rockets)
  • OGXSDAG – maximum respect
  • EHIBXQS– maximum attractiveness
  • AEDUWNV – never hungry
  • SJMAHPERecruit Someone (9mm)
  • LFGMHAL – mega jump
  • CVWKXAM – Infinite Oxygen
  • IAVENJQ – mega kick

Weather codes

  • AFZLLQLL – sunny weather
  • ICIKPYH – very sunny weather
  • ALNSFMZO – cloudy weather
  • AUIFRVQS – rainy weather
  • CFVFGMJ – fog
  • XJVSNAJ – Always Midnight
  • OFVIAC – Orange Sky (21:00)
  • MGHXYRM – thunderstorm
  • CWJXUOCSandstorm

Time codes

  • YSOHNUL – speed up time
  • PPGWJHT – Accelerated Game
  • LIYOAAY – slow motion

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Cheats, Codes, And Secrets For ...

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GTA San Andreas is the most raved-about game in the Grand Theft Auto series, and its monumental success is not unwarranted. The gaming industry is packed to the gills with a number of technically superior games, including Grand Theft Auto V, but the lingering nostalgia tied to GTA San Andreas is simply unparalleled.

GTA San Andreas was, back in 2004, quite ahead of its time, and not only in terms of the things it allowed players to do in the game world, but also in terms of its storyline and characters, who were, at the same time, incredibly human and inscrutable (take Big Smoke, for instance).

As such, the game was packed to the brim with a number of amazing cheat codes that allowed players to do fun things to the characters and the game world. Players still remember the exciting feeling of jotting down the cheats on a piece of paper and making sure the list was within reach when playing GTA San Andreas.

This article highlights all the PC cheat codes available for GTA San Andreas. These cheats are still very much functional and can be activated while playing GTA San Andreas on PC.

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PC Cheat Codes for GTA San Andreas:

#1 Vehicle cheat codes

  • ROCKETMAN – To get a Jetpack
  • IWPRTON – To get a Rhino
  • AIYPWZQP – To get a Parachute
  • OLDSPEEDDEMON – To get a Bloodring Bange
  • JQNTDMH – To get a Rancher
  • VROCKPOKEY – To get a hotring racer
  • VPJTQWV – To get a Racecar
  • WHERESTHEFUNERAL – To get Romero hearse
  • CELEBRITYSTATUS – To get a Stretch
  • TRUEGRIME – To get a Trashmaster
  • RZHSUEW – Spawns a Caddy
  • JUMPJET – Spawns a Hydra
  • KGGGDKP – Spawns Vortex Hovercraft
  • OHDUDE – Spawns Hunter
  • FOURWHEELFUN – Spawns Quad
  • AMOMHRER – Spawns Tanker Truck
  • ITSALLBULL – Spawns Dozer
  • FLYINGTOSTUNT – Spawns Stunt Plane
  • MONSTERMASH – Spawns Monster

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#2 Gameplay and world cheat codes

  • HESOYAM - Health, Armor, $250k, Repairs car
  • BAGUVIX - (Semi)Infinite Health
  • CVWKXAM - Infinite Oxygen
  • LXGIWYL - Weapon Set 1
  • UZUMYMW - Weapon Set 3
  • STICKLIKEGLUE - Perfect Vehicle Handling
  • ANOSEONGLASS - Adrenaline Mode
  • FULLCLIP - Infinite Ammo, No Reloading
  • TURNUPTHEHEAT - Increase Wanted Level +2
  • TURNDOWNTHEHEAT - Clear Wanted Level
  • BTCDBCB - Fat Body
  • BUFFMEUP - Muscular Body
  • KVGYZQK - Skinny Body
  • AEZAKMI - Disable Wanted Level
  • BRINGITON - Six Star Wanted Level
  • WORSHIPME - Maximum Respect
  • HELLOLADIES - Maximum Sex Appeal
  • VKYPQCF - Maximum Stamina
  • PROFESSIONALKILLER - Hitman Level for all Weapon Stats
  • NATURALTALENT - Maximize All Vehicle Skill Stats
  • SPEEDITUP - Fast Motion
  • SLOWITDOWN - Slow Motion
  • AJLOJYQY - People attack each other with golf clubs
  • BAGOWPG - Have a bounty on your head
  • FOOOXFT - Pedestrians hunt you
  • BLUESUEDESHOES - Elvis Models for People
  • BGLUAWML - People attack with Rocket Launchers
  • LIFESABEACH - Beach Party Mode
  • ONLYHOMIESALLOWED - Gang Members Mode
  • BIFBUZZ - Gang Control
  • NINJATOWN - Ninja Theme
  • BEKKNQV - Women Talk to You
  • CJPHONEHOME - Big Bunny Hop
  • KANGAROO - Mega Jump
  • CRAZYTOWN - Funhouse Mode
  • SJMAHPE - Recruit Anyone
  • ROCKETMAYHEM - Recruit Anyone
  • CPKTNWT - Blow Up All Cars
  • WHEELSONLYPLEASE - Invisible car
  • ZEIIVG - All green lights
  • YLTEICZ - Aggressive Drivers
  • LLQPFBN - Pink CArs
  • IOWDLAC - Black Cars
  • EVERYONEISPOOR - All Cheap Cars
  • EVERYONEISRICH - All Fast Cars
  • FLYINGFISH - Flying Boats
  • JCNRUAD - Cars Blow Up Easily
  • SPEEDFREAK - All Cars Have Nitro
  • BUBBLECARS - Moon Car Gravity
  • OUIQDMW - Free Aim While Driving
  • GHOSTTOWN - Reduced Traffic
  • FVTMNBZ - Country Vehicles
  • BMTPWHR - Country Vehicles and People

#3 Weather cheat codes

  • PLEASANTLYWARM - Sunny Weather
  • TOODAMNHOT - Very Sunny Weather
  • ALNSFMZO - Overcast Weather
  • AUIFRVQS - Rainy Weather
  • CFVFGMJ - Foggy Weather
  • YSOHNUL - Faster Clock
  • NIGHTPROWLER - Always Midnight
  • OFVIAC - Orange Sky
  • SCOTTISHSUMMER - Thunderstorm
  • CWJXUOC - Sandstorm

San Andreas Game Cheat Code Download Free

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San andreas cheat codes download

San Andreas Game Cheat Code Download Torrent

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