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Sburb Homestuck by Androm3da. Sburb Homestuck Version 1.2: Goes as far as entering The Medium. Trying to find a way to add a Grist counter to the Status bar. Will add lands and god tier to Version 1.3! Version 1.3: This is a test run for god tier and the random land generator I have set up. Found a way to add many things to the status bar! Homestuck: Unofficial Collection is Free Offline Browser Experience. Homestuck, one of the truly unique webcomics that came out of the launch of the internet, is in danger of going away because.


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Homestuck game download

The Unofficial Homestuck Collection is a heavily customised browser, built from the ground up to support Homestuck and its related works. Flashes? We got 'em. The collection runs Flash content natively, providing the most authentic Homestuck experience possible.

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Don't get it twisted though, because 'browser' in this context doesn't mean 'online'. The Unofficial Homestuck Collection is completely self contained, and never has to connect to the internet once you have it downloaded.

Homestuck Game Download


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Homestuck Game Download

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Don't think we'd be content stopping at just Homestuck. The collection contains the other MS Paint Adventures, official Homestuck side-stories, and a garguantuan array of goodies for the enquiring reader. Seriously, there is SO MUCH CONTENT in this thing. It's totally ridiculous.

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Always wanted to try Homestuck? Overwhelmed by all the side-stories and sequels, and frustrated by the late-arrival spoilers plastered all over the internet? We've got your back. From the very beginning, The Unofficial Homestuck Collection has been designed to work as a safe way for new readers to get their teeth into the Homestuck universe. If you so choose, all future content will be carefully gated off until your progress in Homestuck makes it safe to view.