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80s rock music

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In the 80s, rock music saw a wave of new variations including soft rock, goth-rock, power-rock, or heavy metal. During this time, the hard rock subgenre has also experienced a resurgence and the glam metal subgenre made its appearance in the rock music scene. The pioneers of the 80s rock music are famous rock bands such as AC/DC, Queen, Guns N’ Roses, or Scorpions. Also, throughout this period of time, hard rock and heavy metal became extremely popular live genres, making bands tour extensively all around the world.

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80s pop music

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Best Of 80s Music Download

Superstars like Michael Jackson, Prince, Madonna and Whitney Houston are the faces of the 80s pop music genre and became the most successful musicians during that period.

Pop music is still extremely popular these days. Yet, the 80s were the period in which this genre gained so much popularity, especially thanks to the talented pioneers that represented it. It is an energetic genre that makes you want to dance no matter how low you may be feeling.

80s dance music

Dance music was the main genre to emerge in the 80s thanks to the increase of use in technology-based music. If you are hosting an 80s themed-party, 80s dance music is the way to go. By its nature, dance music is composed specifically to facilitate or accompany dancing. Its energetic sound will have all your guests dancing all night long.

80s electronic music

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As technology was just emerging in the music scene, electronic music, or synth-pop music, became the new wave music that gained a lot of popularity. It was fresh and energetic and made people dance all night long on every beat it had.

Electronic music is very popular these days too. Although it has evolved over time and now it is composed using more complex sounds, the 80s electronic music still remains the favorite of those who lived in that period. If you are a fan of electronic music, you should know that it all started in the 80s and if you want to listen to the beginning of this genre, 80s electronic music-inspired is what you need to listen to.

If you are a fan of the 80s music genres or want to host an 80s-themed party, here you can buy 80s music inspired songs to use them as background during your event.

“Batdance” is to the Purple One’s playful soundtrack as the trailer is to the movie. In this three-part album closer, Prince dices and splices clips from the movie and bits of his own songs, whipping up a funky hybrid of house music and New Jack Swing—complete with a hair-raising, hair-metal wank solo. It’s dance-floor serious, but with all the camp, color and pow! whomp! of a 1960s DC Comics panel. The opening third revisits “The Future,” a cut that 25 years later still sounds on the 22nd-century horizon. But it’s part two, the Vicki Vale section, that captures our hearts and booties, as the little sex elf admits, “Oo yeah, oo yeah, I wanna bus’ that body.”—Brent DiCrescenzo